Camilla O. McRory, Attorney at Law

Selecting Hospice

Deciding whether a particular hospice is appropriate can seem a daunting task. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating a particular hospice.

What do others say about this hospice?
How long has the hospice been in operation?
Is the hospice Medicare-certified?
Is the hospice accredited, and if required, state-licensed?
What does the expect the family to do in caregiving?
Are there prohibitions against any treatment the patient is currently receiving?
Can the hospice meet your specific needs?
How does the hospice handle pain management?
Does the hospice offer extra services beyond those required?
How rapid is crisis response?
What are the options for inpatient care?
If the family caregiver becomes exhausted is respite care available?
Are there MDs/RNs certified in palliative care?
How are patient/family concerns handled?
How does the hospice measure and track quality?
What are your general impressions during the initial contact?
What bereavement services does the hospice offer?