Camilla O. McRory, Attorney at Law

Legal Basics: Protecting Older Adults Against Scams

The National Center on Law & Elder Rights has created a helpful and expansive legal resource to outline warnings against and solutions for common scams targeted at older adults.

Key Lessons
1. Older adults are targeted for frauds and scams as they have assets, accumulated over a lifetime, and
primarily fixed but steady income.
2. The vast majority of scammers contact victims by telephone and request up-front payment of money by
wire transfer.
3. It is important to take immediate action to stop the scam and further depletion of income and assets.
4. Civil action to recover income and assets may be possible but is unlikely to make the older adult
financially whole.

Common Scams Aimed at Older Adults
a. Imposter scam
b. Identity theft
c. Home improvement and mortgage-related scams
d. Fraudulent marketing practices

Read the summary:  Legal Basics – Protecting Older Adults.

If you need more information, the slides have more extensive details:  Legal Basics – Protecting Older Adults Against Scams (SLIDES).