Camilla O. McRory, Attorney at Law


We provide a range of services, including:

  • Wills and Trusts – We prepare these “traditional” estate planning documents for clients to designate who they want to inherit their financial, real property, and other assets.
  • Probate and Estate administration – When a person dies, her or his assets usually must pass through court probate before distribution to loved ones. This can be a complicated process; we help families conclude the financial affairs of the deceased as efficiently and economically as possible. This may include opening an Estate at the Register of Wills, filing necessary paperwork, contacting all interested parties, identifying and paying estate expenses, distributing assets to loved ones, etc.
  • Tax return preparation – We prepare Federal and State personal income tax returns; Estate and Trust income tax returns; and Federal and Maryland Estate Tax returns.
  • Advance Directives (Health Care Powers of Attorney) – This important document allows clients to empower a trusted health care agent to make health and personal care decisions on their behalf, if they ever lose capacity in future. Naming their own chosen health care agent empowers them to receive all and/or only the medical care they want.
  • Durable financial Powers of Attorney – The Power of Attorney document drafted by this law firm is specifically designed to comply with the new Maryland Statutory Form Personal Financial Power of Attorney laws, while providing maximum authority to the trusted agent(s) our clients choose to manage their financial affairs on their behalf during their lifetime.
  • Medical Assistance (Medicaid) applications and appeals – We prepare applications, gather all relevant documentation, and help navigate the complicated process of qualifying for financial assistance for nursing home clients. It is critical that this process is handled correctly; we highly recommend consulting a good elder law attorney before applying for Medical Assistance. If your Medical Assistance has been denied, though, then a good elder law attorney can appeal the denial to obtain Medical Assistance benefits. Hiring a good elder law attorney before applying for Medical Assistance is the best way to achieve eligibility as efficiently as the system will allow, and to avoid paying the much higher attorney fees that result when an appeal must be filed.
  • Personalized case management – Our geriatric Social Worker helps coordinate medical care for our clients so that they receive the best care possible.
  • Guardianships – Guardianships are usually not necessary when advance planning is possible. In crisis situations where the appointment of a guardian is necessary, we can help by navigating the complicated legal process and resulting issues.
  • Nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care, and respite care contracts – We prepare and review contracts specifically to be sure the client is the responsible party, with no financial liability for any other family member, nor for the financial agent.