Camilla O. McRory, Attorney at Law


Jessica M. Cecchini, Legal Assistant
Jessica M. Cecchini, who was raised in Michigan, moved to the Washington D.C. area in February of 2019. She earned her History degree at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. She says she was drawn to history because “you have to understand what happened in the past to understand who and why we are today.” Jessica joined our law firm in September of 2019 to help her to grow professionally and to use her skills for meaningful work. Outside of the law firm, Jessica enjoys kayaking, reading, and spending time with friends as she explores her new neighborhood. She has an older brother and sister who have scattered across the country, while her parents and her cat still live in Michigan.

Rebecca G. Sayre, Client Liaison

Rebecca G. Sayre, was raised in Houston, Texas, moved to Washington D.C. in October 2020, and joined our law firm on 01 March 2021. While working for J. Crew, she completed a degree in media production from the University of Houston in 2015. Rebecca continued to work with J. Crew until August 2020. During her career in retail, Rebecca developed a passion for customer service. Growing up Rebecca was involved in theater and acting as a hobby. Rebecca enjoys movies, such as The Social Network and Good Will Hunting, and especially enjoys long talks with friends. She always had an interest in the legal field. The Client Liaison position at our law firm, gave Rebecca the opportunity to apply her skills to help and serve our clients in navigating the legal challenges they encounter. When asked what interested her about the legal field she said “being involved in customer service, I developed an interest in the legal field because it is something that can be challenging for everyone. I’m excited for an opportunity to use my customer service skills to learn more about this environment.” Within a short time Rebecca has proven herself to be a valuable coworker dedicated to serving our clients now and in the future.

Margaret H. McRory, Courthouse Clerk
Peg grew up in New Jersey and studied chemistry at Radcliffe College, the (then) all-female college affiliated with Harvard University. In 1941, she married George W. McRory, Jr., an officer in the US Army Air Corps (which became the US Air Force); their family grew to include three daughters, of whom Camilla is the youngest. Peg became a lobbyist for moderate and low income housing in Montgomery County, served as Administrative Aide to Councilwoman Elizabeth “Betty” Lee Scull, was hired as Housing Consultant by the County Council, and then spent three years working for the Community Ministry of Montgomery County (now InterfaithWorks), an organization dedicated to serving the poor in Montgomery County. Peg first became involved with our law firm by working as Courthouse Clerk, helped to conduct interviews with prospective coworkers, and always provided her perceptive guidance on the needs of our clients. She good-naturedly described her role with the firm as the “example” of the ever-changing needs of the elderly. We at the law firm thought of her as our official WOW: wise older woman. Unfortunately for the law firm and all others who had the honor of knowing Peg, she died on 03 November 2010 of acute myeloid leukemia as a result of chemotherapy she received more than twenty years earlier. Until a few hours before she died, Peg lived to the fullest and was an inspiring example to all who knew her.